Bone Conduction-type Bluetooth Head Set[INQ. NO. 1806E17] As the development of industry and the changing times are inevitably accompanied by social problems, the popularization of smartphones and rapid development of the media industry has caused to the public serious safety accidents called “smombie” and “road kill” and hearing impairment. Along with the presbycusis naturally caused by old age, comes the hearing impairment if you connect the earphone of the in-ear type to a smartphone, TV, computer, notebook computer, tablet PC, etc., and listen to the sounds with a large volume.
As a solution to this problem, MIJ has launched the ETEREO headset. This headset provides a comfortable and stable feeling of fit due to the neck band of ergonomic design and flexible materials. This product provides a vivid and high-quality sound hearing environment along with the comfortable fit without wobble when enjoying leisure activities, such as jogging, mountain climbing, biking, etc. As it blocks the sound from leaking out through the patented technology of the sound absorption material structure, the impact on the surrounding environment has also been reduced. As a smart wearable device, this product is expected to become a frontrunner of the bone conduction headsets that are shaping the market.
As it is a fundamental human need to want to hear sound, the desire to hear radio, music and phone calls has increased in various locations. It is the same with the sports scene. In modern times when leisure opportunities have increased, and as the number of various leisure and sports activities increases rapidly, listening to music is for many people essential during activities, such as biking, skating, mountain climbing, etc. Among such various activities of modern people, the use of hearing information can potentially cause major safety accidents due to failures in recognizing the surroundings (cars, motorcycles, bikes, industrial accidents, etc.), which should be taken very seriously and prevented. MIJ’s ETEREO is a bone conduction Bluetooth headset. There are two kinds of sound transmission method, namely, airway and bone conduction.
As for the airway method, it is easy to understand if you recall the in-ear earphone, headset, speaker, etc. Through this method, the sound is transmitted to the cochlea via the eardrum through the air. In this process, hearing impairment occurs due to damage of the eardrum. Hearing impairment can occur due to deactivation of hair cells in the cochlea. The bone conduction vibrator transmits vibration of the sound through the bone, thereby transmitting the sound directly to the cochlea without going through the eardrum. Therefore, it has the effect of preventing hearing impairment as there is no stress to the eardrum. As you can hear sounds without plugging the ears, you can be fully aware of your surroundings and talk with others. In addition, through the principle of sound transmission by the bone conduction method, it can transmit sounds to the hearing impaired due to stress of the eardrum with the effect of a hearing aid function.

The company’s bone conduction headset lineup is comprised of the general audio equipment ETEREO S2, auditory assister ETEREO H+, and hearing aid ETEREO N60. It achieved increase of turnover/export by 500% in the second year of establishment, thereby recording rapid growth. It received the gold award in major domestic and foreign exhibitions and its products were selected as outstanding goods.
Also, it received the fourth-industrial ICT citation. Its products were selected as the products for a government project for solving the problem of elderly persons living alone who suff er from depression caused by hearing impairment and, in this context, we are taking the lead in
solving social problems. The company looks forward to receiving continued support and interest regarding our bone conduction Bluetooth headset ETEREO, which will assist the lives of modern people and realize convenient and safe living.
MIJ is mainly composed of engineers who have accumulated 18 years of know-how in the defense industry and bone conduction research and development and a representative who is the AICPA and Ph. D. in business administration. MIJ is a professional electronics manufacturer sets up under the corporate mott o of “Convenient and Safe Living for Everyone,” making useful products to realize this mott o in the lives of modern people. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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