Cases for Smartphones[INQ. NO. 1806E16] Recently, LBA (Low Battery Anxiety) Syndrome is spreading with the penetration of the smartphone.
LBA is literally “the symptom of sudden anxiety when the battery runs out.” According to the announcement by LG Electronics, more than 61% of smartphone users said that they felt uneasy when their battery ran out while using their smartphones.
And, about 41% of the smartphone users were anxious that there might be important phone calls or contacts while their phones were turned off.
As the range of applications for smartphones widens, complaints on battery also increase.
In fact, mobile gamers always carry a charger in order to prevent the battery from dying, and people traveling abroad get relieved only when they pack up all the heavy second batteries and chargers.
What about explorers, soldiers, and police officers engaging in lots of outdoor activities?
ANTIOFF, a smartphone protection case, has been born to solve such concerns of consumers.
Until now, customers have used a heavy second battery or a case with a built-in battery.
ANTIOFF is attracting a lot of attention because it allows users to replace the battery in a battery-integrated terminal, thereby enabling one to immediately replace the battery with low charge.
As ANTIOFF adopts a technology that can be applied to iPhone as well as Android phones, this product can easily solve the complaints about batteries losing their charge that iPhone users have always had.
It is so very simple to use if the battery in the terminal becomes low; just remove the secondary battery with low charge from the ANTIOFF case, and then connect the fully charged secondary battery to the ANTIOFF case.
When ANTIOFF is used, the operating time of the terminal increases by more than twice as long as that of the existing terminals and, as the battery can be replaced, and the actual operating time increases as needed.
In fact, after examining the ANTIOFF prototypes, some military officials of a Southeast Asian nation expressed their opinion,
“The integrated application of this product is possible in the military operation,” and inquired whether we could supply military-grade products. They showed interest in ANITOFF, saying, “It is an innovative item that can replace the existing Power Bank market even in countries where the outdoor power supply network is poor.”
In addition, ANTIOFF now expands the applications and registrations of its patent and design at home and abroad, expediting formal launch. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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