All-in-One Filmmaker(Everstick)

A New Era, and Changing Needs

[INQ. NO. 1806E23] The emergence of numerous video streaming platforms, and the simultaneous growth of the MCN industry is a clear film entertainment trend in the current generation. This, in line with the proliferation of cameras, specifically smartphone cameras, sparked changes in the needs of customers. In fact, the smartphone has positioned itself as a power within the photography market, as it currently comprises 98.6% of the global digital camera market. How exactly did the needs of customers change? The emergence of one-person creators, the surge of numerous “amateurs,” represents, in itself, a change in consumer needs. More and more “film people” will demand gear to support smartphone cameras.
David Ko, the founder of Infinite Neoism, realized that the currently available filming gadgets were “unsuitable” for consumers’ changing needs, as they were too complex and costly, and thus came up with the concept of the Everstick.
The initial idea arose in the year 2015. As an amateur filmmaker participating in various film contests, Ko had always felt discontent with the gadgets he had in hand. He had always believed in the capabilities of the smartphone camera, which led to his endeavor to develop “better” gadgets. To proceed with his plan, he constructed the early designs for the Everstick, and gathered members for his team. However, conditions were not that great in the beginning, and in 2017, a series of incidents eventually led to a temporary halt in business for the team. However, by participating in the “2017 K-Startup Challenge,” as well as the “Indiegogo” crowdfunding program, the team members could once again kickstart their business. In the same year, they were accepted for the “Youth Startup Academy” program operated by a branch of the Korean government and came to this point in 2018 with high hopes for the KITAS exhibition.


200+ Experiments for the Perfect Product

The all-in-one filmmaker, the Everstick, is light but not “light” in regards to the tasks it can accomplish. By conducting over 200 refined experiments, and storing information with the Everstick prototype, Infinite Neoism came up with a final version of the Everstick which integrated all the functions of Steadicam, tripod and monopod. Measuring 1ft in length, and weighing 600g, it is truly small and light. It can be carried inside your backpack when folded, but it stands 1m in length when fully extended. Moreover, it can perform the tasks of the following three products: a monopod, a tripod, and a Steadicam.


Everstick > Steadicam + Tripod + Monopod

The Everstick, however, aimed for greater. Via the synergy effects of the functions, the Everstick could enhance the performance levels of each. Now the tripod acts as the weight of the Steadicam, and the handle of the monopod. Likewise, the monopod acts as the main pillar for the tripod and the Steadicam. This enhances the balance of the Steadicam, stability of the tripod, and portability of the entire product, which eventually led to their “1+1+1>3” theory. It is an all-in-one filmmaker in a 1ft, 600g stick. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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