Car Jump Starter-cum-Second Battery & Blind Spot Cameras

Car Jump Starter-cum-Second Battery (JUMPERKING EK2)

[INQ. NO. 1806E22] The domestic and overseas tuning markets have expanded gradually due to 25 million cars registered in Korea (statistics for 2015) and the significant increase in automobile consumption in overseas developing countries. In this context, customers’ demands of DIY and cost-effectiveness have increased in the field of car tuning supplies and safety goods/accessories. JUMPKING EK2 is the world’s first car jumper start-cum-second battery of micromini size capable of wired/wireless charging of smartphone, satisfying such desires on DIY and cost-effectiveness and helping solve unexpected problems. As JUMPERKING EK2 uses the safe polymer battery and has little memory effect, the self-discharge rate is very low. Therefore, after full charge, it takes about one year before the battery of the product is completely discharged, when not in use.

Previously, the car jump starter was very crude in design and too big to carry, so it had to be left in the car. EXCOSMIC took on the challenge of making a car jump starter available in everyday situation as well as in emergencies. We put function and design foremost, such as making a product of the world’s smallest size, improving the feel of grip like a smartphone and devoting ourselves to protection of appearance by using the special coating method. JUMPERKING EK2, sold in the domestic market as well as exported to the global market, competes with quality and competitiveness as a product MADE IN KOREA.
The functional strengths of JUPERKING EK2 are that it can help a car self-start within 30 seconds as well as recharge a discharged smartphone by cable or wirelessly on the move anytime and anywhere. JUMPERKING EK2 is a portable second batterycum- car jump starter optimized for the current trend where everything is changing every moment and multi-functionality is the mainstream.


Main functions of JUMPERKING EK2 are as follows:

The weight of JUMPERKING EK2 is only 200 grams, with a size smaller than a smartphone. Its voltage is 12V and an be only used in a car. It can help either a gasoline-powered or diesel-powered car self-start. It also can recharge a discharged smartphone either by cable or wirelessly, otherwise simultaneously. As an additional functionality, this product has mounted a three-stage LED flashlight that can be used for sending distress signal or shining warning light in case of emergency.


Blind Spot Cameras (EXVIEW Blind Spot Camera)

At the COEX exhibition held in mid-July 2017, the EXVIEW Blind Spot Cameras considerably surprised visitors by introducing itself with the slogan of ‘Is your blind spot safe?’
Camera experts were surprised at the performance of this small camera and were also amazed by its remarkable costeffectiveness. It was thus no wonder that they were so surprised as one product consisted of a subminiature camera having the functions of 120-degree wide angle and IP67 ~ 68 rating of waterproof and dustproof along with a 4.3-inch monitor of 400,000 pixels. It was no exaggeration to say that almost all of the visitors asked, “The price is that of one camera, right?”
It is said that 30 percent of traffic accidents are caused by blind spots. By developing the EXVIEW Blind Spot Camera which can solve blind spots while driving, EXCOSMIC has eliminated all the factors that could increase cost. Our development was focused not on the method of confirmation after the traffic accident but on the purpose of preventing accidents. Based on the principle of “It will be all right if we can see the side mirror without any internal or external interference,’ which was linked to our motto of ‘Let’s make it possible to be self-installed,’ we came to adopt the method that any object is visible if only anyone connects the power line to the USB terminal.
Adopting the DC 5V (USB) power supply system, this product can be installed very simply within five minutesand it is turned on/off when you start the car. Anyone might have experienced the dread of the blind spot at least once. You can drive safely if you install the camera facing the direction where you want to solve blind spots and check the blind spot with the indoor monitor while driving.

This product can be used in various places for diverse purposes, such as office, camping site, leisure activities, as well as blind spots. You only need to have a PC or notebook computer with power of 5V as well as the most common second battery, and you can use it anywhere. Now you can enjoy safe driving with the best cost-effective EXVIEW Blind Spot Cameras.


EXCOSMIC Co., Ltd., incorporated in 2010 as a software developer, prepared to enter the global market with manufacturing and trading of car-related accessories for the two years of 2014 and 2015. We launched JUMPERKING, a new concept brand product that can help a car self-start when the car battery is discharged. We focused on export of the product to many countries including Saudi Arabia, African countries, Hong Kong and Japan in 2016.
EXCOSMIC localized its development system in late 2016, produced and launched the version 2.0 of JUMPERKING EK2 in Korea in July 2017, and achieved various domestic and foreign licenses and patents. For the past three years, we have continuously focused on the promotion of our brand while participating in car/distribution-related exhibitions held in both Korea and foreign countries including Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan. We participated in Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Spring Edition) held in April 2018 and plan to participate in KITAS 2018 and Seoul Auto Salon 2018 to be held in COEX, Seoul, this July. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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