Laser Lancing Device’s HandyRay is a laser lancing device approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It can be used to draw a peripheral blood sample used in various tests. In particular, it can be used conveniently when drawing blood for a blood-sugar test for young children for diabetes or diabetic patients in the early stage who are sensitive to pain.
HandRay is used to measure blood sugar and glycated hemoglobin in blood test labs. It is also used for POCTs and various tests using peripheral blood. HandyRay is a laser landing device satisfying the domestic laser and medical device safety standards. Due to high water absorptiveness of the applicable laser, high energy can be generated when coming into contact with the skin. It draws blood by making a perforation by vaporizing the skin in a very short period of time (less than 1/10000 second) using generated high energy.
HandyRay can draw blood causing little pain and is easy to use. It satisfies the international laser and medical device safety standards. An advantage is that it is sterilized at the same time when drawing blood by using a laser with high energy.
LAMEDITECH develops and supplies laser products that can contribute to a healthy and beautiful life for people based on its specialized laser miniaturization technology. The company’s laser lancing device is an innovative product significantly improving disadvantages of the previous capillary blood devices. It can be widely used when conducting various tests using blood.
Furthermore, the laser product for treatment and beauty featuring our company’s miniaturization technology has high competitiveness in terms of user convenience and price. LAMEDITECH will continue striving to be the world’s best laser specialized company by researching and developing technology constantly. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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