DC Uninterruptible Power Supply

https://korean-electronics.com//inquirySince its establishment in 1991, Sung-Chang Co., Ltd. has pursued its technical development as a KT partner and R&D-oriented venture company. It developed, in particular, the NON-CPU tracking solar power plant and ultra- compact DC uninterruptible power supply through national R&D tasks, SMBN’s convergence & integration technology development project, and MSIT’s joint R&D project.
Mini DCUPS, one of the main products of SungChang, is an ultra-compact DC uninterruptible power supply prepared for power failure, power interruption, and trap in earth leakage breaker. This super-simple DC UPS can be charged and used just by inserting an adapter. For ultra-compact DC uninterruptible power supply, servable voltage is 9V, 12V, 24V, or 48V; and the maximum servable current range is 2~6A.
For MPS-L1206 model, up to four hours are available if the 500mA dome camera is used. It is designed with a simple control method to reduce the failure rate and without a CPU control circuit to use it for a long time. As it uses a lithium-ion battery, it is a perfect online DC UPS that is light, safe, and never interrupted by internal power failure. Using a lithium-ion battery allows light and safe use and guarantees the quality for up to three years. It also boasts a shockproof flowing appearance with the aluminum alloy case.
This ultra-compact DC uninterruptible power supply can be applied to any products that use direct current, such as CCTV camera, NVR, ship, distributing board, fire fighting equipment, LED light, chemical sensor, mini PC, and automatic sliding door. This product can be produced, developed, or customized according to the customer’s requests.
SungChang is also specialized for solar power, and has focused on new regeneration energy mainly for public enterprises, power producers, individual home, agricultural land, and farms. It has already obtained more that 20 domestic patents (registration). It also registered two patents in the USA and one in Japan, respectively. Both its main brand and design are copyrighted, and, moreover, there are many PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) international applications owned by this company.

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