Air Purifier[INQ. NO. 1809E04] Nowadays, many households and offices use air purifiers for indoor air purification. However, a common problem with them has been the annoying motor noise when one has to concentrate on work or take care of a baby at home.
Dongyang S&T therefore developed ‘Air Clara,’ a quiet anion air purifier that creates wind without Motor.
The company’s CEO Kang Chang-whan received an anion as a gift from a close friend who bought it in Japan.
At that time the anion air purifier was not a common product and the CEO, after using the air purifier for a few days, was very impressed with the product as he felt his head clearing as well as the air purification effect.
After using the air purifier all day long for the first few days, Mr. Kang gradually used the product less as he found sound of the motor turning the fan too annoying, while he was constantly busy developing new business items stained contaminated with cigarette smoke.
It was noisy to use, but it seemed a pity not to use it. CEO Kang realized that an air purifier would be fit for use if it were operated with no motor.
At that time, it was a naturally accepted concept to put a fan on the motor and blow out the wind with the rotating power of the fan. He thus started to develop a new product as if he were doing basic science experiments.
First of all, he put an acrylic cylinder around the anion electrode brush to prevent scattering of the anion and then accelerated the brush. After one year of study, he changed the material of the cylinder from acrylic to ceramic in order to reduce the resistance and formed the air swirl by putting a tungsten spring in the front. As a result, a soft and silent anionic wind was emitted with the power strong enough to blow off a sheet of toilet paper although the wind was not as strong as the existing air purifier. There was neither motor noise, nor any electromagnetic wave at all, nor blowing back of the dust.
Unlike the existing air purifiers with a separate anionic emitter and windmaking motor, this product has an advantage that the user can immediately check any problem with the generation of anions.

When Air Clara is operated, it generates a large amount of anions and the amount of anions (Model DYS-8800 : more than 2 million per m3 and model DYS-8801R : more than 14 million per m3) and the amount of ozone is just onetenth of the international standard recommended level of 0.005ppm / m3. It generates negative ion wind without using a motor. Even if it is used 24 hours a day, monthly electricity charge is about 10 cents.
CEO Kang displayed his confidence, saying, “It is absolutely through the power of performance that the product of an unknown SME has become so widely known. And the reason is because Air Clara is a silent air purifier that generates a large amount of pure negative ion air without using a motor, and purifies the air by this anion effect.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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