Safety and Technical Training Services a leading industrial skills training center, Safety & Access Korea takes pride in its industrial and safety training courses. Safety & Access Korea has delivered globally recognized training on CISRS, IRATA, safety training & ROV training.
Also it has provided working at height total engineering solution & manpower service (Scaffolder & Ropemen) for industrial sectors accredited by the world’s leading certification bodies. It offers a wider range of professional support services to a broad range of industry sectors overseas.


CISRS (Construction Industry Scaff olders Record Scheme)

CISRS is a UK scaffolding certification scheme, having a long history and systematic scheme widely used in the international construction community and leading the industry related to scaffolding. By conducting scaffolding training for trainees in compliance with the CISRS standards, CISRS helps them install the scaffold, a temporary construction enabling work at height, safely in the industrial site. CISRS also cultivates the ability to be able to test whether the scaffold is suitable for use after installation.


IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

IRATA is a UK rope access certification scheme that secures safety in industrial sites by significantly lowering death and accident rates of workers using the two-rope system. Due to this, IRATA certification is widely used in the international construction community and leading the industry related to rope access. By conducting rope access training for the trainees in compliance with the IRATA standards, the company helps them do the work at height using ropes in places where it is difficult to install scaffolds or in narrow spaces.


Safety Training

Safety&access Korea conducts the industrial safety training including safety training for work at height, safety training for enclosed areas, and first aid training – in order to be able to prevent accidents that can occur in industrial sites and take necessary measures. The company helps its trainees deal with the situation more quickly and accurately on the site by training them on handling emergencies that can arise in various sites – making them directly use and become proficient in the use of the rescue devices.


VR Training

If workers directly receive actual training and on-the-job training without knowing the procedures of industrial safety training properly, they may be vulnerable to mistakes. In this case, as major accidents may occur, the company carry out the VR training that can deliver the feeling of actual training and the site as it is for preparation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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