AI Intelligent Video Analysis Software, established in 2000, has succeeded in developing and possessing the original technology of the intelligent video analysis based on know-how accumulated for years through the professional personnel specialized in the field of computer vision, deep learning and AI and the continuous development, and intensively developed software related to computer vision and commercialized package software such as i.VISTA, i.Modeler, i.Fusion2D, etc.
IntelliVIX’s products are video analysis software and are largely classified into two areas: one area includes real-time image analysis, tracking and search technology, and the other includes the recognition of license plate number, face analysis, and the other recognition technologies. Based on such technologies, IntelliVIX’s product groups are divided into six kinds.
VIX-100B is differentiated from a simple motion detecting which simply detects movement in the video and has an alarm. It is an intelligent video analysis system that generates event only when there occurs a situation that satisfies the event and rule set by the user.
VIX-200B supports the preset touring, single tracking, virtual PTZ master/slave and multi PTZ which are the automatic tracking technologies that can be performed in the video analysis according to each version, and it owns experiences applied to each site.
VIX-200P can extract the license plate number of each vehicle and its content and then output them in text form. In addition, based on the prestored database of the license plate number, it can interwork/link with the system establishment.

VIX-200F has realized a precise face recognition technology based on the deep learning technology. Gender and approximate age of the recognized people can be known and a comprehensive statistics function is also provided.
VIX-Search performs searches of various conditions based on the metadata stored in the video. You can confirm vehicles, people and unidentified objects inside the video by color and size, and the product also provides the search function of face and license plate number.

VIX-Masker is a solution for ‘the batch object masking’ in order to protect the personal information necessary when the security video is exported. It considerably reduces the time required for the masking through convenient functions such as automatic tracking, semi-automatic tracking, etc. supported in the program.
After 2005, IntelliVIX predicted the growth potential of the intelligent video surveillance and have come to develop related generic technologies. In 2007, IntelliVIX developed an intelligent video surveillance software package named IntelliVIX and this product has been leading the market until now as the flagship product of the company. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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