Bicycle Connected Compact Camcorder[INQ. NO. 1809E03] As the number of people enjoying active leisure life like sports grows, there has been an upsurge of interest in compact camcorder action cameras. In October this year, the hardware startup ‘Korea Safety Risk Management’ will launch its action camera ‘Eagle Line’ that has strength in weight, waterproof, and image analyzing.
Eagle Line is smart wearable bicycle-connected action camera optimized for riding. It is not just very light but also has waterproof and dustproof functions suitable for riding. It passed product reliability tests with IP64 level of reliability. Therefore, life waterproof and 2M waterproof was proven without a separate waterproof cap.
In addition, the design of ‘Eagle Line’, made by 3D printing technology, is attractive and is expected to attract customers’ attention. There are two model colors, gold and black, so customers can chose the product to their preference. The cradle of Eagle Line is produced with easily connectable structure, and the battery can be charged simply through USB connection. With 100% charge, 40 frames of image, about two hours of recording is possible. You can mount an auxiliary light around the camera, which can reduce risks from night riding.
In addition, Korea Safety Risk Management launched an App service for cycle-based Internet of Things fusion service including home, health, and traffic services. The application interlocked with Eagle Line also provides video, album, recording, black-box, and image analyzing. ‘My Video’ records smartphone operation and images, and ‘Image Analysis’ analyzes the images, extracts license plate, and provides the results. Facial recognition is also available in ‘Image Analysis.’
Currently, Korea Safety Risk Management has completed patent and brand registration and PCT application for Eagle Line, and achieved recognition at home and abroad for its technical skills. Donghak Noh, CEO of Korea Safety Risk Management mentioned his plan that “Along with the launching of domestic crowd funding, we are planning to advance into the North America in next year.” He also added his ambition that “We are an image-based hardware startup, and will make efforts to connect the world with various IoT image services utilized in daily life.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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