Sleep Lights[INQ. NO. 1809E10] GB-Solutions Inc. is an enterprise that develops various LED smart products and LED lighting control systems for buildings with its web-based S/W implementation technology, and the LED H/W wireless controlling technology as its core foundation.
Under the mission of “More Valuable, More Convenient,” GB-Solutions is continuously aiming for higher technology and providing novelty for its customers. Its typical products include the wireless LED controller device (smart-LED controllers) which can be universally applied to LED lighting and the Luna Square, which has applied the smart LED controller to the LED table light.
Luna Square is the most convenient and safest sleep light in the world. Main functions of Luna Square include the turning on/off, brightness control, timer and motion switch and its big advantage is that you can operate it using the application in your smartphone by connecting such functions through the Bluetooth. Luna Square has various models and has another advantage that it is safe from the burn or fire as it uses a low-power 4W LED bulb with very low heating.
In addition, even if it is turned on for a whole month, the electricity cost amounts to only about KRW 400, which is very economical. Due to the simple and modern nature of its design, it provides you with a cool interior effect blending well with the surrounding environment no matter where it may be located.
It is possible to adjust the brightness finely ranging from 0% to 100% using the application. Otherwise, using the touch switch on the front panel, you can adjust the brightness according to five levels. In addition, you can set the timer up to 60 minutes in 10-minute increments using the application.
You can turn on/of Luna Square easily by gently shaking your smartphone right and left until vibration occurs. Automation pairing is possible within the Bluetooth communication distance between Luna Square and the smartphone. Finally, you can use Luna Square in the same brightness when you turn it on/off by storing the set brightness in the memory.
GB-Solutions has been developing inroads for marketing through the point of contact with customers by participating in both domestic and foreign exhibitions. Also, GB-Solutions strives to connect its activities in the site to R&D for developing better models of Luna Square. Various models of Luna Square satisfy customers according to the purpose of each production. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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