Industrial Cables its establishment in 1968, Seoul Electric Wire Co., Ltd. has contributed to the national energy industry through continuous development of new products and active facilities investment and appointment of competent people. It is growing as a global electric wire enterprise by obtaining various domestic and foreign certifications.
Seoul Electric Wire is striving companywide for the development of new products and quality improvement of existing products with establishment of the newest management system, quality control and strong investment in its core workforce and R&D. It also enhances customers’ value through ensuring the best quality and comes up with products needed and trusted by the customers.
Seoul Electric Wire produces the best-quality cables used in various industrial fields and is expanding its market area through discovery of new markets and development of new products.


Ship and Marine Cables

Seoul Electric Wire is positioned as a leader of ship cables by producing various power, control, instrumentation and communication cables used for both the exteriors and interiors of ships, halogen-free cables used for marine structures, NEK 606 cables, etc. and supplying them to major domestic and foreign shipbuilding yards.



Wind Power Plants and Sun-light Cables

Seoul Electric Wire’s products are also supplied to the field of wind power plants, which is a representative industry of eco-friendly renewable energy.
Seoul Electric Wire is a unique company in South Korea which provides the wind power plants in the USA and Canada with 35KV URD cables for power supply.


Power Cables

Power cables produced by Seoul Electric Wire are widely used in the plant and distribution field, which is the foundation of national basic industries.
Typical products produced by Seoul Electric Wire include, but are not limited to, 22.9kV low-toxicity, flame retardant polyolefin cable used for the industrial distribution lines; concentric neutral type power cables; water tree retardant power cables; and special cables like flame retardant cables and fire retardant, heat-resistant cables. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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