Video Analysis System[INQ. NO. 1810E04] SPINTEL, a company specialized in the intelligent video analysis, will launch ‘PREVAX’ which is a deep learning-based video analysis system.
The video analysis system is being extended to public facilities, traffic, and harbors as well as building security control and disaster monitoring. However, there happens a problem that even unnecessary backgrounds as well as the necessary objects are analyzed, the processing capacity gets enlarged. The image should be downsized to lower resolution for analysis. However, in this case, the accuracy is reduced.
In order to solve this problem of background modeling, PINTEL has applied the deeplearning technology based on the Convolutional Neutral Network (CNN) algorithm to PREVAX. CNN is one of the most widely used algorithms of deep learning for pattern-based analysis and prediction.
‘PREVAX’ can analyze high-resolution images of full-HD and ultra-high definition (UHD) by analyzing only necessary objects through deep running, and also can quickly and accurately recognize distant objects.
Besides the accuracy, PREVAX has integrated the functions of face recognition, license plate recognition, disaster detection, counting, etc. as well as the object recognition.
‘PREVAX’ to be launched this month is the result of PINTEL’s technological integration. Though it is a start-up venture established in 2015, PINTEL achieved recognition for its technological prowess, such as obtaining the Certification of “Excellent Procurement Product” from the Public Procurement Service in September 2017, winning the Award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, etc. PINTEL is preparing to soar even higher with PREVAX.
PINTEL has started discussions with the security companies of the Middle East, Chile, Mexico, etc. for application of PREVAX. As PREVAX was well received as an intelligent surveillance system at the exhibition of excellence commercial items held at the Ministry of National Defense Convention Center in July, the company is also discussing application of its product to the national defense sector. PREVAX will be exhibited at the Smart Cities Summit Asia 2018 to be held at KINTEX this month.
CEO Kim Dong-key commented, “With the launch of the deep learning-based PREVAX, we will make a leap forward as an enterprise leading the domestic and foreign intelligent video analysis market.” | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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