Industrial Dry Cleaning Washer Co., Ltd., established in 1979, is a company producing equipment for global shipbuilding and offshore electric & control systems, doing business based on electrical equipment (switch board) and various control system technological competency for shipbuilding & off shore plants.
KTE worked on research and development of the industrial dry-cleaning machine in 2002 as a part of the eco-friendly business, launched a cleaning machine for both oil and water for the first time in the world in 2003, and obtained patents in Korea, the USA, Germany, France, Italy and China. Since then, it has been producing and selling four models of cleaning machines for both oil and water, four models of dry-cleaning machines and a filter-type dry-cleaning machine with ceaseless research and development.
KTE’s InnoClean is a fully enclosed, eco-friendly industrial dry cleaning washer with which cleaning, drying and solvent recovering are done at a time. As the world’s first cleaning machine for both oil and water, KTE has obtained patents for the applicable technology in Europe (Germany, France and Italy), China and Korea. High-speed spinning (800~900 rpm) is possible by applying the soft mount system, thereby reducing the laundering and drying time, demonstrating excellent cleaning performance and generating drastically low vibration and noise compared with products of other companies.
In addition, its product is a safety-certified dry-cleaning machine with the NFPA32 Standard of the U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Electrical Safety Certification (UL), and European Electrical Safety Certification (CE).
Main structures and all piping materials are manufactured with copper and stainless steel, having excellent durability. As for the convenience specifications, maintenance is easy due to self-diagnosis and automatic cleaning function, basically eight kinds of laundering programs by fabric are provided through long-term researches and tests, and two programs are available so that the user can directly set such programs, which helps various laundries be treated safely and cleanly.
InnoClean is equipped with a high-performance distillation device that can keep the solvent always clean, with distillation capacity of 150 liters or more per hour based on AC600. This is the level at which a clean, distilled solvent can always be used while washing is continuously done. The distillation unit is made of the stainless steel, is precisely welded to withstand the high pressure in the vacuum condition, and is subject to separate pressure tests after manufacturing to ensure excellent durability and performance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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