Air Purifier E&G Co., Ltd. is a professional HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning), enterprise which has produced and sold the clean room, FFU, etc,. for the past 41 years. Based on related HVAC technology, this company recently has developed two kinds of air purifier. At present, most notably, the company produces the hybrid air purifier and the ceiling air purifier with light.


Hybrid Air Purifier

This product is basically equipped with the function of a compact air purifier and it is the world’s first product offering the function of nail dust absorber and curing machine used in the nail shop. The nail shop is a space where air management is weak due to dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated during the nail art work. Air Nudge is the product that can solve these problems of the nail shop at one swoop with the dust absorber function of perfectly absorbing dusts generated during the nail work, the UVLED curing machine function that can cure the gel when treating the gel nail, and the air purifier function that can purify the air up to 5 pyeong (16.5m2). Due to its excellent performance and design, this product has received a favorable evaluation from nail shop specialists and experts in the market research.


Ceiling Air Purifier with Light

In order to improve the space issue and the air-purification efficiency of the existing stand-type air purifier, we have developed an air purifier that can be attached to the ceiling. This product is equipped with an air purifier and LED light and it can be easily installed by just replacing it with the existing light.


The general air purifier occupies the installation place as a stand type, and its air-purifying efficiency is lowered as air circulation occurs only in the area around the air purifier. However, its ceiling-type air purifier does not occupy actual space as it is located on the ceiling and helps clean not just the space around the air purifier but the wide area evenly. In addition, equipped with the LED light together, this product can be installed easily in a way of replacing the existing light in conventional dwellings. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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