Auto Stainers Corporation is a specialist for manufacturing and exporting of auto stainers for AFB, GRAM and hematology and auto slide smear systems and air cleaning products and related consumable accessories.
Its products already have been used in many well-known university hospitals and public health centers in Korea and they are being exported to several countries based on good reputation from the nation’s market. Particularly, as a specialist in this field, the company is running a wellorganized production system for the small quantities of various models with best quality, which customers are very satisfied with.
The company’s auto strainers are specialized to stain microscope slides smeared with materials containing acidfast micro-organisms such as body fluids, culture materials, or exudates for AFB (Acid Fast Bacilli) such as specimens and culture colonies for GRAM and blood for Hematology (checking the quantity of WBC, RBC and observing the shape of WBC, RBC, Platelet). It provides a fast and easy straining process with innovative features and advanced functions & performance, include simplicity and convenience.
Currently five major models are leading the company’s export drive, with each increasing ratio of global market presence.


Exhaust Ventilation and Dust Collecting System

This is an air cleaning product which can be useable in a laboratory, research room and factory. It discharges effectively the source of contamination and provides clean air. The models include an exhaust ventilation system ( CA-1000,CA-2000) and DC-1000(dust collecting system). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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