Eye-tracking Algorithms

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryVisualCamp has developed eye-tracking algorithms that measure the gaze point of users in VR, AR and mobile environments by tracking the movements of a person’s eyes. Since starting with eye-typing technology in 2014, VisualCamp has expanded its business domain into VR, AR and smartphone based on the diverse applications of eyetracking such as content, retail, education/training and advertisement analysis.
VisualCamp has been focused on developing eyetracking technology optimized for mobile devices from the start that featuring faster algorithm, lower latency and CPU utilization, and has already demonstrated its technical competitiveness and uniqueness against its competitors.
Eye-tracking algorithm measures the position of the user’s eye (pupil) through the eye movements captured by the sensor, and technology that can analyze the gaze data. Eye-tracking can be applied to intuitive user interface, interactive game and content, foveated rendering which increases the efficiency of computing resources on a smartphone, orVR/AR device. It can also be applied to marketing, advertising, education/training, and academic research by analyzing the user’s intention through analysis of collected eye data.
VisualCamp has launched the world first eye-tracking SDK based on standalone VR HMD in Feb. 2018 and provided gaze data analytics solution based on the web. In addition, VisualCamp’s eye-tracking on smartphones is getting significant attention from customers due to its potential market size and wide spectrum of application.
In order to achieve a sales target of $1M in 2018 and maintain continuous growth, VisualCamp is currently working with partners and customers in Korea for integrating eye-tracking into content and VR HMD for education, healthcare, military training and automotive applications.

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