Capacitors Co., Ltd. started as an electronic components trading company specializing in tantalum capacitors and, later in 2004, it expanded its business to manufacturing super capacitors, an eco-friendly energy storage device that the company had been aiming for.
Based on its technical capacities built so far, the company is committed to developing new products and technologies to be the world’s best quality and an excellent service provider.


Supercapacitor (EDLC, P-EDLC)

Compared with battery, Supercapacitor has one-tenth of energy, but delivers over 10 times power due to ultra low ESR. It operates more reliably in wider temperature range and its life is semi-permanent, over 500,000 cycles. This product has characteristics of higher power density (low ESR) and over 500,000 cycle life (semi-permanent). This product is used in a need of short-term peak power assistance.



Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC)

This is an extremely low self-discharge of a lithium ion capacitor, even in high heat environments, ensuring a longlasting charge.
This delivers higher energy density (double that of EDLC), guaranteeing over 100,000 cycle life.
This product has characteristics of low self discharge and low leakage current & long-term backup applications.



Fuel Cell Material (Supporter, Catalyst, MEA) & Carbon Filter

Vinatech develops and sells carbon applied components such as supporter, catalyst & MEA for fuel cell and carbon filter. Among the features of these products are: fibrous carbon & spherical; high electrical conductivity by high crystallization; high anti-corrosion; catalyst on edge.
Vinatech aims to accomplish the VINA mission of “Providing eco-friendly products and contribute to the building of a harmonious society through the happiness of our members.” Toward this end, Vinatech will strive to realize our goal to become the leading company in the relevant industries and create more valuable jobs. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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