New Legs Straightener Co. specializes in developing patent invention products. Since its establishment in 1976, it has developed a variety of products such as split-connection tents, power health equipment, no smoke automatic charcoal firers, and so forth. It is currently focusing on R&D and production of legmoa.
LEGMOA aims to manufacture the world’s top product in this field through endless R&D and investment.
Legmoa is a new concept of leg straightener that helps straighten deformed legs, enables such people to have a good posture, thus making it possible for users to lead a normal, healthy life. It is preferred for body correction for beautiful leg and body line beautiful legs and for posture correction.
Legmoa is a beauty former that creates beautiful leg lines, straightens bow legs and enables fine posture. The round pads of both sides press the legs by rotating a handle that allows a user to control the dynamics.
It is very helpful to those who have bow legs (O-shaped, X-shaped), those who walk splay-footed, those who have a pot belly, those who are habitual leg shakers, and those who have chronic back pain.
It prevents the pelvis from twisting. Men and women of all ages can use it with ease and convenience.
In particular, this product can be greatly effective for people who want to have beautiful legs, are concerned about their belly fat, want to maintain correct posture, suffer from bow legs, have bad back, pelvis and knee, have problems in blood circulation, walk awkwardly, lack concentration and/or are distracted. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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