Humidifiers Electronics Co., Ltd. has been making a big contribution to the development of Power Control Application Units (PCAU) such as inverter drivers, SMPS, LED display, transformers, coils and many other electronic parts for more than 20 years. Finally, Daeyoung launched its own brand “VVINT” with CBU business in 2015.
Daeyoung Electronics’ R&D capabilities rest on its distinguished expertise in electronic and electrical engineering with technical innovation, aiming at becoming a hidden champion in PCAU business with the world’s best technology.


Air Purifying Humidifier

The Air Purifying Humidifier is designed with a simple angular shape and it has various unique features. First of all, it can care perfectly with 38.5m2 of largest air purification capacity and 660mL/h of largest humidification capacity. Secondly, the Air Purifying Humidifier has a cleanable fan and safe inner air path that makes it easy to clean the water tank. Thirdly, we use a simple filter structure for assembling and cleaning but this filter is composed of four stages of filter system removing pollutants. Lastly, it has convenient functions including an alarm for water exchange, auto louver and triple safety devices.


Natural Humidifier

The Natural Humidifier is designed with a beautiful tulip shape and it has a touch screen and lighting system. The Natural Humidifier has a variety of features. First of all, it can be filled with the water by simply opening the mouth or upper part and pour water because it has a water-level sensor. Secondly, the washable filter of the Natural Humidifier is another feature. You can clean the antibacterial water reservoir preventing the breeding of viruses by up to 99%.
Lastly, the fine mist with a size less than 0.4mm, which is smaller than viruses or germs, evenly circulates inside the room. Then, with its underwater discharge, the plasma ionizer produces OH-radicals to destroy the cell membranes of harmful bacteria. Moisturizing skin care with pure hydrogen water.
Daeyoung Electronics is underway to advance into global markets in order to make and realize the greater leap and dream. It plans to endlessly transform itself into a company with which anyone wants to do business by growing into a “small but strong enterprise” through fully responding to the requirements of customers with the help of its own taking ceaseless challenge and innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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