Digital Radiography Equipment


The DIAMOND DR system is a fully automatic digital radiography system providing state-of-the-art image quality, image processing and user interface. With a wide selection of anatomical studies on the imaging software, DIAMOND automatically sets up the x-ray generator’s preprogrammed exposure technique settings, motorized radiographic stand positioning, x-ray collimation and post-image processing for the selected study. Specifically designed to increase workflow, this fully digital system offers convenient auto positioning and advanced image processing to achieve great performance with little effort.


Mobile DR System (TOPAZ)

Integrating high technology and over a decade of experience in conventional and digital radiography systems, DRGEM’s TOPAZ is a state-of-the-art mobile digital radiography system, designed with maximum comfort of patients and users in mind. From its userfriendly software, to smooth movements, TOPAZ is designed to improve your workflow and provide the user with high-quality images.


Portable X-ray System (JADE)

JADE is an innovative, highly versatile and portable X-ray System, suitable for a variety of clinical uses. Utilizing the unique technology used in DRGEM’s universally recognized X-ray generators, JADE is a compact but powerful unit with a 4kW output and thoughtfully designed components to increase efficiency and maximize workflow. The core part of X-ray source features high-quality tube assembly, X-ray collimator and high frequency X-ray generator with excellent performance, lifetime and stability.



Optimal DR System

The GXR-SD Series is a diagnostic digital radiography system that provides reliable high quality digital radiographic images with a reduced dose.
The GXR-SD DR systems offer comprehensive digital solutions for all radiography needs, featuring ACQUIDR digital imaging system with stationary or portable digital fl at-panel detectors as well as reliable high-frequency x-ray generators that are known worldwide for their excellent performance, durability and stability.
Various tubes with user-friendly designs, patient tables and wall stands are also offered to meet the users’ requests. The GXR-SD DR system is guaranteed to improve your workfl ow exam throughput and efficiency with its excellent performance. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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