Laser Lancing Device Co., Ltd. develops and supplies laser products that can contribute to a healthy and beautiful human life based on specialized laser miniaturization technology.
Lameditech’s laser lancing device is a revolutionary product that dramatically overcomes the drawbacks of conventional needle lancing devices and can be used for various blood tests. In addition, its treatment and beauty care laser products, which use miniaturization technology, are more competitive than conventional products in terms of ease of use and cost.
Lameditech’s laser lancing device HandyRay (LMT-3000) is a device that draws peripheral blood that uses laser and not a needle. The device can be used for blood collection for diagnostic devices which checks a small amount of blood. It is used in professional medical institutions and for drawing blood from diabetic patients. Particularly, pain-sensitive children with diabetes, or early diabetics can use the device conveniently. The laser applied to HandyRay has a high water absorption property, and absorbs moisture remaining on the skin of the finger and generates high energy, thereby enabling peripheral blood collection.
Other current laser lancing devices have had drawbacks due to the use of needles. However, Lameditech’s laser lancing device is fundamentally different from needle lancing devices, so the laser lancing device has advantages such as the prevention of secondary infection, the suppression of callous formation, and less pain. In addition, patients do not need to worry about pain stemming from the use of needles. Furthermore, there is no harm to human bodies because the product uses the safe Er:YAG laser. HandyRay costs about 80 won per use, and is cheaper than premium lancets and safety lancets used by those who are worried about pain or secondary blood infections.
Lameditech will do its best to become a world-class laser specialist through continuous research and technology development. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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