Ultrasonic Flowmeters

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryAs a specialized company engaged in the business of ultrasonic flowmeters, Jain Technology has since 1991 been providing total solutions of ultrasonic flow measurements from planning and design, through to manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Xonic-100L measures the transit-time of flow using DSP technology. This DSP technology analyzes ultrasonic signals by removing noise from pipe and electronics. Also, Xonic-100L uses cross correlation and FFT technology to create very clean ultrasonic sound. It can measure pipe from 12mm to 6000mm. Clamp-on technology makes installation very simple. There is also no need to cut the pipe or stop water supply during installation and after service.
Xonic-100P is a portable-type flowmeter that measures virtually any type of liquids with less than 30% solids or bubbles such as clean water, wastewater, milk, limestone, crude oil. It can be used to compare field flowmeters performance and as a portable device to spot-check. Xonic- 100P operates 24 hours with a battery and has submersible connectors that can be used under harsh weather conditions.
Xonic-10G is a fully digitalized gas flowmeter that can measure natural gas, bio-gas, combustion gas and air. It demonstrates higher and accurate velocity measurement range compared to the existing ones. Direct flow maintains 1.0% of accuracy in very low flow velocity of 0.05m/s. There are no moving parts, and therefore no degradation of performance, with easy installation.
Jain Technology supplies numerous variations of flow measuring equipment for municipal water, irrigation water gate systems, largescale river projects, nuclear power plants, wastewater treatment plants, and many more.
Jain is the nominated supplier to the Korean government offices and to factories by supplying excellent products with finest quality instruments. Also, Jain has a Certified Calibration Laboratory for liquid flow in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO 17025.

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