Transformers and Generators Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies power materials and equipment such as transformers, generators and switches to power plants, transmission and distribution lines, and various industrial facilities. The company’s excellent quality, quick deliveries, and competitive prices earned the company worldwide recognition in a short period of time.
Powermax’s Sihwa Plant, equipped with the best production and testing facilities, can produce various kinds of transformers and generators of more than 3,000 MVAs per year. Through its comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality control system, the company offers high quality products and services.




Powermax can manufacture power transformers of up to 72kV and 80 MVAs. The company can produce special transformers such as furnace transformers and mobile transformers as well. Pillar transformers and pad transformers are also on its product list.
Powermax manufactures high-efficiency transformers and various types of transformers ranging from pillar transformers to special transformers. The company has a highly reliable winding design manufacturing technology, and can build a core structure that realizes low loss and less noise.



Powermax is able to manufacture a generator of up to 4000kW and 1800rpm. Emergency diesel engine generators, marine generators, and special generators are manufactured and supplied to the market by Powermax.
Powermax can supply various models ranging from small 10kW generators to large 4,000kW generators. In producing generators, Powermax uses advanced design and control methods with the aim of enhancing reliability in their products and making them easier to operate. Its products are reliable and stable as they feature solid structures, robust durability, and load protection devices. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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