UV-curable Inkjet Printer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryInkTec Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the company’s motto, “Today’s Technology is never good enough for us.” Started with Ink for Desk-Top Printer at the beginning of company, InkTec has expanded its business area into the large format printer ink market through continuous research & development.
Furthermore, InkTec has entered the UV Printer market with the company’s own state-of-the-art products as a strategic diversification. With these kinds of endless innovations, InkTec positioned itself as a true competitor in the field of inkjet-applications.
Moreover, based on its know-how in the fine chemistry of nano-particle level and technology for inkjet applications, InkTec completed the development of silver conductive inks, TEC (Transparent Electronic Conductive) in 2005, with unlimited potential for application to various industries such as touch screen panel, display, EMI shielding, printed memory, lighting, etc.

InkTec develops and manufactures various inks, such as sublimation ink for textile printing and soft signage market, water-based dye & pigment, solvent, eco solvent, mild solvent. It provides high-quality ink through strict quality control systems. Furthermore, it provides total solutions for actual image printing, from inks, media, parts, to paid or free after-sales service.
InkTec has also developed a UV-curable inkjet printer, JETRIX, and high-quality UV ink with cutting-edge technology in the inkjet area.
Combined with the researchers’ years of accumulated know-how, JETRIX is a perfect solution for photographic printing for advertisements and various industrial printing areas. JETRIX, with its advanced technology, guarantees outstanding printing quality through true grayscale printing.

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