Medical Trolley or Cart Sesang Co. was established in 2006 and started manufacturing utility carts in 2006 after improving the existing plastic & steel carts.
Yeollin Sesang has been focusing on advancing into overseas markets such as participating in international medical exhibitions like Arab Health and dispatching trade delegations. Now, Yeollin Sesang is exporting its products to Japan, the United States, the UK, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, and it is actively seeking more foreign customers.
Moreover, Yeollin Sesang is continuously striving to diversify products for export and outsourcing the medical carts for special medical equipment and hospital supplies (furniture & utensils) to meet its customers’ demands.
The utility cart (trolley) from the company is made of plastic materials, PP and ABS, so it is light and inexpensive comparing to stainless or steel products, and it has good durability (maximum capacity: 80 – 100 kg).
Yeollin Sesang introduced a combination principle of bolt and nut, so its product can be assembled and disassembled without any tools (but stainless or steel carts cannot be disassembled due to welding work). So, later if you want to change any part of the cart, you can disassemble it and change the part easily, but the stainless or steel cart has to be sent to the factory because it should be welded).
Lastly, the company’s cart makes less noise than stainless or steel carts during moving. Its products are used in hospitals and private clinics to carry medical equipment, materials for medical treatment and medical disposables, and also can be used in laboratories, schools, offices, factories, beauty shops, homes, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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