Ultra-lightweight and High Efficient LED Lights

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryICEPIPE Corporation, established in 2010 after 3 years of R&D for world-class patented heat sink technology, is one of the leading LED lamp manufacturers in Korea. ICEPIPE has developed the key technology in heat dissipation, which is 200 times faster than a conventional heat sink, and it enables one to have ultra-lightweight and high efficient LED lights. With high quality and competitive price, ICEPIPE exports its products to more than 60 countries.
ICEPIPE produces high bays, fioodlights, streetlights, bulbs and more.
ICEPIPE has branch offices in Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong and the Philippines. ICEPIPE’s vision does not stay still but advances globally through aggressive marketing strategies cooperating with all partners and branches.


CH2000, OBB and CD4000

CH2000 is the bestseller among ICEPIPE’s products. It is an ultra-light high bay light weighing only 1.9kg. That is why it is perfect for factories, warehouses and indoor gyms.
Compared with metal halide, it boasts 10 times longer lifespan and one-third energy consumption.
It is an ultra-small bulb (400g) usable in enclosed luminaires, which simplifies replacement and reduces total installation and maintenance costs. It is perfect for security lighting and streetlights. It also boasts 5 times longer lifespan compared with metal halide.
CD4000 is a IP67 disk type floodlighting for outdoors like sports facilities, airports and stations. It maximizes its lifespan through the built-in double power supply. It is designed to rotate 360 degrees with strong corrosion resistance.
OBA2 is its LED bulb. Its recommendable for indoors like house and office.With its unique design of 270 degreeswide omni angle, OBA received 2014 Reddot Award of Product design.It has long life and big savings on electricity costs compared to incandescent bulbs, with fiicker-free, no glare,and no danger of burn.

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