Smartphone Vehicle Key Service, a company specializing in smartcar service solutions, recently released a smartphone vehicles key service called ‘Skey.’
Using the service of Skey, one can drive without the vehicle’s key or remote-controller, just by leaving the vehicle server shaped like a coffee can in the interior of the vehicle. The Skey service enables the vehicle to be operated by pressing the butt on of the remote-control in place of the driver.
Since the Skey service can be used with no separate wiring work to the vehicle, it causes no harm to the vehicle and maintains stability in quality using the remote-control at a normal level.
The stable quality in operation was proved through a few months of tests carried out with domestically manufactured and imported vehicles. The security for the service was greatly strengthened by using passwords in all telecommunications. A special consideration against hacking was made, which would be the most sensitive point among drivers. Upon sensing the hacking attack on a vehicle, the vehicle system is shut down, and then the service informs the driver instantly of the attempted hacking.
With only a key server, multiple numbers of drivers can share the vehicle. In particular, the service is applicable for business vehicles, as the driver can raise business efficiency by securing the recorded data and save costs thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to make copies of the original key. The president of the company explained, “Skey is a databased service made after scrutinizing the using patterns of more than four hundred drivers for two years and researching the market. We will further provide a service by which drivers can drive each vehicle with only a movement.”
Meanwhile, Knocktalk is now offering a service where the information on the use of the vehicle can be provided by using Skey, a simple and stable vehicle key service by using smartphone. By using the service, drivers can save the telecommunication cost and drivers can thus enjoy economical advantages. And if the driving information is utilized for vehicle insurance, maintenance, etc., more innovative services related to vehicles can be provided. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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