Optical 3D Scanner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryFirst launched in 1995, the ATOS series of 3D scanners has been continually developed by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
Today, optical 3D measuring technology and full-field surface measurement systems have become a standard tool within virtually all industries worldwide. ATOS systems are used to reduce development times, optimize production processes and, at the same time, improve process security.


Full-field Measurement

ATOS is a 3D coordinate measuring machine. The fast, non-contact, optical 3D scanners deliver a high-resolution point cloud which precisely describes free-form surfaces and primitives regardless of part sizes, surfaces, finishes, and geometries. ATOS provides three-dimensional measurement data and analysis for industrial components such as sheet metal parts, tools and dies, turbine blades, prototypes, injection molded parts, castings, and more.


Self-monitoring Systems

The high-resolution 3D scanners from the ATOS product line guarantee high process security. The proven stereo camera setup allows a completely self-monitoring system. Calibration and sensor movements are checked continuously preventing measuring errors and thus delivering accurate and reliable measuring data. The projection unit‘s narrowband Blue Light Technology enables precise measurements regardless of ambient light conditions.
Used in conjunction with GOM‘s professional inspection software, ATOS supplies full-field deviations from CAD, complete shape & dimension analyses, and comprehensive measurement & inspection reports.
ATOS 3D scanners are key elements of the entire process chain, from construction through to production and maintenance including shorter research and development times, faster production processes, and improved quality assurance within the entire lifecycle of the product.
Preset sensor models for different resolutions and measurement field sizes can be exchanged quickly and reliably. After the change, there is no need for re-calibration.
The projection technology developed by GOM operates with narrowband blue LED light. As a result, accurate measurements can be taken independently of ambient light conditions.
In ATOS Core, the two cameras are combined with the projector to capture three views of an object in a single measurement process. This requires fewer scans and delivers higher quality data – even on shiny and complex objects.
Thanks to the proven stereo camera setup, ATOS Core monitors its own activities. Calibration, transformation accuracy and component movements are subject to continuous control. This guarantees that the system generates reliable and precise measurement data.
Different software packages are available for ATOS Core. In GOM Scan, the focus is on 3D meshes, while ATOS Professional offers a broad range of functions for parametric inspection.
To enable quick and accurate component and fixture referencing, ATOS Core can be extended to include a photogrammetry option – with TRITOP for manual or ATOS Plus for automated applications.

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