PCB Surface Treatment Using Chemical Materials

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryYMT Co., Ltd. has recorded steady growth in the fields of electronics & chemical materials, based on its slogan of “Create a Better World through Technology.” YMT is boosting its solid presence both domestically and in the overseas market in the rapidly changing electronic field, while developing new products that customers want with maximum investment in technology development.
Among the company’s various capabilities, its basic competence is in the surface treatment for PCB using chemical materials. The surface treatment using chemical materials is so necessary for preventing parts from oxidizing and is widely applied not only in PCB, semiconductor packages, general semiconductors, and also in plastics.
In particular, the company currently possesses the world’s highest level of technologies related to gold plating and copper plating.
Currently, YMT has developed electronics materials and semiconductor chemicals materials and is proceeding with new business. While the existing Japanese-made products form the copper surface with this type of electric copper plating, YMT adopts the way of electroless chemical copper plating, an integrated technology of its know-how regarding technology of copper-plating chemical materials and thus forms an ultra-thin copper foil by plating copper on the surface of the aluminum carrier.
This was a remarkable accomplishment whereby YMT advanced into market dominated by Japanese-made products with its own technologies without infringing patents they hold. Compared to electric copper-plating, YMT’s electroless chemical copper-plating features regular surface thickness of an ultra-thin copper foil, and it can thus be applied to high-end products requiring high reliability. Moreover, this technique of electroless chemical copper plating leads to comparatively high price competitiveness compared to the Japanese way of electric copper-plating because of its excellent cost structure.
Through these various attempts for development, YMT is actively responding to the prospect of future new products and the trend change of electronic industry and thereby preparing for advancing not only into the PCB industry, but also into postprocessing of semiconductor, etc. YMT is thus elevating its global presence significantly.

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