High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Surgical Unit

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryITC’s e-clip is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system equipped with a continuous pulse mode system that offers fast shot and effective treatments. e-clip take effects ultrasound energy into the SMAS Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic system), fascia, deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue which frequency of elimination a noises.
The advantages of e-clip including speedy procedure, stable parameter, convenience interface, compact size, etc. are guaranteed. This product is used for rejuvenation & lifting, wrinkle redution & tightening, collagen revitalize, and eyebrow lifting.
Advances in medical and professional beauty equipment with high technology have played a vital role in the beauty industry. In seeking new ways to offer their profound benefits to patients, ITC has been developing new equipments to meet various demands for skin and body care. With most innovative technology, ITC customers have enjoyed success in their global business and have benefited an excellent after sales service and its competitive price of the equipment.
To provide quality products and service, and respond quickly to the needs of its our customers, ITC has an R&D and service team providing quality support. ITC welcomes OEM and ODM for most of the beauty equipment, and it is willing to cooperate with any companies who want to have a long-term business relationship with the company.

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