LED Surgical Light

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryLuvis uses professional LED light sources, developed for the health of the user’s eyes, considering clinical environments that require sophisticated diagnosis and surgery. Luvis also creates eye protective surrounding, utilizing high CRI technology. It provides an optimal medical environment, eliminating dazzling and poor color rendering under halogen light and low CRI.
Luvis high CRI displays a more natural color. The light with only high brightness hardly delivers true colors.
Luvis provides daylight-like light, seen at noon, creating high color temperature with the same light intensity. Nonetheless, much less dazzling helps users to concentrate on surgery, minimizing eye fatigue.
Luvis emits no ultraviolet and infared lays, preventing skin-aging. In comparison with halogen, Luvis LED emits much less heat to create a safe treatment environment, minimizing heat transfer to the treatment region and blood coagulation on dermal tissues. Luvis LED consumes only one-fifth of power that is used with halogen.

Medium-to large-sized surgical LED, Luvis-L100, in an optimized surgical environment, is proud of the effect of the comparative advantage of shadow-less effect. Especially, it is high technology products as a type of sensor that detects obstacles lowers the light output, around the light output by increasing the shadow-less effect to maximize the effectiveness.
As a representative medical company in Korea, DENTIS has since 2005 been developing and providing a wide range of specialized medical equipment and high-level services.

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