Ophthalmic Equipment

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiryView-M Technology was, based on professional manpower in optics, established in 2008. It develops and creates its best ophthalmic equipment. View-M Technology strives not only to provide good healthcare for people around the world, but also to be a world-class company in the future.


32-inch Digital LED Chart

SCS-3200E is the visual acuity chart system run by WINDOW CE 6.0 OS. Its chart can be easily changed by simple remote control. Many charts can be displayed on LCD panel. Eye level and distance can be adjusted by simple control, and it provides a more convenient environment for users.


Auto Ref-Keratometer

Auto Ref-Keratometer VRK-2400 with DSP measuring engine providing stabilized measured results and clear pupil/iris images. VRK-2400 provides an extensive range of dioptric measurement range. It covers -25D to +22D, and the radius of curvature for keratometry is 5.0mm to 10.2mm. Owing to its easy alignment and friendly operation you can measure the refraction and keratometry in a sequence, the results can be checked simultaneously.




VDR-2400 enables exact and fast eye tests with more accuracy by the function of diversified and precise eye examination. Digital type of VDR-2400 is very accurate. The measuring procedures are easy for opticians’ convenience.
View-M Technology developed and produced self-vision testers for the first time in Korea with its own technology through excellent manpower in the field of optics. It also supplied products to distributors in more than 70 countries around the world.

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