Self-Measurement Visual Examination Device self-measurement visual examination device called ‘Sensia,’ which is the main product of Eyepia, is effective in detecting and preventing glaucoma early by measuring the threshold value of sensitivity to light in each area of the retina (the intensity of minimal irritation that can cause sensitization). According to a clinical test conducted at Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong through a medical device clinical trial support project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, ‘Sensia’ has almost the same diagnostic performance as a patient`s specialized device. The result was published in January 2018 in a paper published in the Journal of Korean Medical Science (JKMS), Korea’s leading medical journal.
User-friendly functions such as displays, tutorials, and voice guidance are also notable. ‘Sensia’ is designed based on user-centered UI/UX so that users can perform examinations on their own. “By applying a touch screen and intuitive designs, we have maximized ease of use for men and women of all ages. Also, the steps necessary to perform the test are automated, helping users understand and reducing the test time,” an Eyepia spokesperson explained.
After its establishment in 2015, Eyepia applied for AI visual analysis method and device patents and received recognition for venture businesses in 2017. Eyepia is developing products and services to support eye care, eye health big data collection, content development, and AI-based medical care. “Our goal is to distribute Sensia to public health centers and medical institutions nationwide, just like blood pressure systems, so that anyone can easily measure and diagnose glaucoma early,” remarked CEO Lee Ji-hyung of Eyepia.
Eyepia is a specialized company that develops ophthalmic medical devices and inspection systems. Eyepia is developing products and services to support eye care, eye health big data collection, content development, and AI-based medical care. By starting Sensia, we are trying to create an early medical checkup market for glaucoma so that the company can prevent blindness throughout the nation.
Also the company sets its sights on leading localization and popularization of ophthalmic medical devices by improving the accuracy of examinations through proven database and algorithm. As a partner of eye health for the modern era with people reaching the age of 100, Eyepia is making an effort to develop and deliver a variety of innovative, user-friendly products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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