Innovative Medical Aesthetic System Global, the domestic Medical Aesthetic Equipment Manufacturer is to participate in the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (hereinafter, KIMES) 2019, to be held in COEX from March 14-17, 2019.
EunSung Global, a renowned supplier of medical aesthetic equipment that dominates the overseas market, has decided to participate in KIMES 2019 for the domestic market on the move, by breaking out of their silence of two years in order to secure corporate recognition in the domestic market, and develop distribution channels.
Four new devices are awaiting to be released at the show. They are ‘Lipo1060,’ the body slimming equipment that uses 1,060 nm laser; ‘Nobleshape,’ the combined equipment of low-power laser and highand low-frequency; ‘Plapendual,’ which uses plasma energy; and ‘Duet V,’ the anti-aging combined equipment for skin care and vaginal tightening that uses high-frequency waves.
Lipo1060 is equipment that is designed for obesity care for 25-minute sessions. The application of cooling technology minimizes heat sensation and irritation of the skin, and the 1060nm laser breaks fat cells in the target layer. It is applicable to all types of skin, and the hand-piece contact sensor was designed to warn users when the hand-piece contact sensor moves off the skin during operation.
Nobleshape uses three combined technologies: a low-level laser that fuses fat cells; a high-frequency wave that creates deep heat; and a mid- to low-frequency wave that causes physical stimuli to muscles, for the body slimming effect.
The Plapendual, the skin treatment equipment using plasma, consists of hand-pieces of two types that can enable operations for diverse kinds of skin problems, such as the intrusion of solutions, sterilization of inflammation, improvement of fine wrinkles, removal of motes or spots or skin tags, and incision of milia, etc. It is a non-contact type of equipment to secure safe operation.
Duet V is a device using high-frequency that can be applied to the anti-aging of skin, or for vaginal improvement. The exclusive hand-piece for vaginal application was added to the existing high-frequency equipment ‘Duet RF,’ so that the collagen of connective tissue of skin or inside of the vagina can be regenerated. It can be applied to the improvement of skin elasticity, lifting, and urinary incontinence.
A representative of EunSung Global stated, “we are pleased to participate in the 35th KIMES 2019 that has become one of the main international exhibitions of medical equipment. We will be presenting our technology and specialty in providing medical equipment through continuing participation in the exhibition, which is influential for domestic medical business.”
EunSung Global has been growing as a global supplier of medical equipment by exporting its products to over 70 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, and Oceania. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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