Smart Urine Meter and caregivers need to check patients’ urinary excretions at predetermined times. But this requires a lot of expense and human resources. SUM-1000 is the perfect solution.
CU M&B Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells a real-time automatic urine measurement device as Korea’s first, and the flagship is smart urine meter. Smart urine meter consists of SUM-1000 main body, tablet PC, a urine bag, bar code reader and adapter. SUM-1000 holding the patent technology measures the amount of urine ten times per second, and the optical sensor technology is used to measure the exact capacity.
The patient’s urinary excretion is shown graphically every hour, and anyone can operate SUM-1000 as the LED touch function is easy. Moreover, voice comments or beep sounds can be substituted depending on four characteristics of patients’ rooms like general wards, convalescent rooms, emergency rooms and intensive care units. And the screen can replace the voice comments and the beep sounds as the alarm function when setting the sleep mode.
Patients’ urinary excretion can be checked by the built-in Wi-Fi to SUM-1000, and SUM TAB always gathers and displays many patients’ various urinary excretion information at the same time. Hospitals can operate the human resources like nurses and caregivers systematically owing to SUM-1000. This means that expenses will be reduced, and the patients’ satisfaction will be enhanced. CU M&B is seeking international partners in this exhibition, and exports SUM-1000 to global markets. CU M&B already established a branch in the United States last year, and is negotiating with some U.S. companies that have the right to distribute in PM markets and Veteran’s hospitals. CU M&B is looking forward to promoting SUM-1000 through KIMES 2019. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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