In-vitro Diagnostics and Diagnostic Reagents

In-vitro Diagnostics and Diagnostic Reagents

Boditech Med Inc. has been developing products for in-vitro diagnostics and diagnostic reagents for the past 20 years by pursuing the value of a company called “Respect for Life.” In particular, about 25,000 units of ichroma ™ readers are installed and operated worldwide, and ichroma™ CRP (C-Reactive Protein) has secured its largest market share in China, showing unique competitiveness.
Boditech Med Inc. is leading the way in exploring new markets through the automation of on-site diagnosed immunodiagnostic devices and the development of new high-sensitive diagnostic reagents. It has built its reputation successfully by carrying out various national R & D projects based on solid technology, experience, and human resources accumulated over the years.
In addition, Boditech Med Inc. is developing a smart production system that integrates digital technology and IT technology to fl exibly manage the production scale. All employees of Boditech Med Inc. are making every eff ort with pride in being a leader in the BT-IT convergence industry in Korea.

Semiautomatic in-vitro diagnostic device

ichroma™ II is an automatic or semiautomatic in-vitro diagnostic device that measures the concentration of analytes, contained in blood, urine, or other samples, in quantitative or semiquantitative ways. Compared to the fi rst-generation device, ichroma™, ichroma™ II has an improved user interface and display and an advanced optical system, which provide the user with a wide range of disease testing options.
In addition, ichroma™ II was designed to improve data input effi ciency and wireless communication connectivity through separately purchasable accessories and program updates can be conducted easily using an SD card. In particular, the use of batt eries improves portability, which is one of the biggest advantages of point-of-care testing (POCT) equipment, and ensures reliable testing in unstable power environments.

Automated fl uorescent immunoassay system

AFIAS-6 (AFIAS-automated fl uorescent immunoassay system) is an automated fl uorescent immunoassay system that uses blood, urine, and other samples to measure quantitatively or semiquantitatively the concentration of targeted analyte. AFIAS all-in-one cartridges are designed to optimize the structure and operating principle of the reader. Its automated test process enables to carry out multiple simultaneous tests for six diff erent samples. For some specifi ed items such as TSH, CRP, PCT and HbA1c, small volume (10uL or 50uL) of whole blood from a fi nger or heel can be used for quantitative testing using a C-tip (capillary tip).

Vitro diagnostic device

Hemochroma PLUS is an in-vitro diagnostic device dedicated to quantitative testing of total hemoglobin concentration in the blood. It is lightweight with small dimensions and batt ery operated. It is thus easy to operate and convenient. It provides accurate and reliable inspection results compared with large analyzers.

In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) device

Ichroma™ TRIAS Reader is an in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) device that measures the concentration of targeted analytes from samples such as blood, nasal swabs, and nasopharyngeal swabs in a quantitative or semi-quantitative way.

The ichroma™ TRIAS Reader is a device used by experts with knowledge of clinical testing and infectious waste management, as it is a dedicated device for rapid examination of infectious diseases such as A/B flu. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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