Video Information Security System Information Technology’s SECUWATCHER for CCTV is a video information security system for preventing infringement of private information by CCTV video leakage and forgery using encryption and safe transmission system. SECUWATCHER for CCTV is divided into external image export module, image export (personal privacy protection function) and video encryption module. It can be added to an existing CCTV system facility as an additional configuration.
Video encryption module in SECUWATCHER for CCTV encrypt video image files in real-time is to protect personal privacy from any possibility of video leakage and forgery.
This is an NIS-accredited high-speed encryption of large-capacity image files with lightweight encryption (real-time encryption). This secures storage of image files through the lightweight encryption module. This causes no changes in image file size before and after encryption. It supports video data access control with image encryption function to prevent indiscriminate usage by internal users.
This is a perfect security system for personal information (personal image) in CCTV video footage. It ensures prevention of secondary damage due to video leakage with video encryption. Moreover, illegal image distribution, forgery and duplication are blocked at the time of viewing and exporting images.
SECUWATCHER allows video information manager to systematically manage the use details through a supporting dashboard that provides information on video use data and various kinds of information. SecuWatcher supplies exclusive security video player so that it can prevent the occurrence of illegal regeneration of videos.
WooKyoung Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 having highest quality of IT service with enterprising and challenging mind. IT industry offers an innovative systematic management, continuous research and development of variety of products and services for customer satisfaction.
Therefore, WooKyoung Information Technology Co., Ltd. uses video information to provide security system based on image information security technology that has been accumulated over years of research and development in encryption, human & face detection and watermark technology. The innovative technologies used takes the products offered to the next level and makes it fit for the international market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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