Video Walkie-talkie Service’s ProPTT2 is a smart device-based, world-first video walkie-talkie service.
“ProPTT2” provides video push-to-talk and video real-time Push-To-Talk functions that help you to check field/users situations in real-time and those features are provided from a single app.
ProPTT2 is a video walkie-talkie service that also supports various multimedia data sharing among users such as text messaging, transferring images, sharing user’s location information based on Wi-Fi/3G/LTE.
Another feature is that smart device users can talk to two-way UHF/VHF/FRS radio users by using “ProGate,” which is a RoIP gateway device that can be connected with a ProPTT2 system.
Depending on the customers’ business environment, “ProPTT2” of IMPTT Inc. offers ASP service (Cloud) that allows one to lease a server with a monthly plan. It also offers a server package product where customers can install the server software.
ProPTT2 developer web ( provides client SDK and guide documents which help customers to develop their own video PTT clients. Currently, IMPTT offers server package products and clients to more than 50 countries through the ProPTT2 web site (
IMPTT Inc. is an Internet protocol based PTT(Push-To-talk) software development venture, aiming for global No.1 video push-to-talk service. IMPTT offers a smart device-based video push-to-talk service (ProPTT2) and RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) gateway device (ProGate) that support voice PTT compatible with two-way radio.
And IMPTT has acquired FCC/CE/KC certifications, GS (Good Software, the first grade) certification, and patents for core products (ProPTT2, ProGate). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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