USB Lock Kit is an iris-identification, security-based product. Last month, it was delivered to a UAE government department. This is a personal product, so each individual can use it by storing their iris records. However, each person uses their own USB lock kit as each person has their individual iris. That’s why its clients include organizations such as national defense which requires stronger security than others.
The USB lock kit includes a battery, camera, memory, and iris identification software. This can instantly be used in various operating systems (OS) including Windows, Android, and Apple’s Ios, without installation of separate software.
The company’s president stated “We developed this product by investing KRW 3 billion since 2013 and are pleased to launch the world’s first USB armed both with security and convenience.”

Face-recognition IoT Door Lock
IRISYS released its new flagship face-recognition door lock last year. This door lock applies IoT technology and allows only a person whose face was registered in advance to enter the protected premises. The user can use this product more safely and conveniently than other existing ones just by closely putting his or her face on it, without any risk of losing the door key or of leaking the password of the door.
The biometric data thorough the algorithm developed by the company is available in a way that is not stored at all and can deliver a recognition speed of within 0.5 seconds as its biggest advantage.
Moreover, this product is capable of facial recognition of up to 100 persons, allows the input of passwords, and can be opened by users through the contact of an RFID card. In particular, adopting the push-pull handle feature, this new-concept door lock allows the users to swiftly open the door by simply pulling and pushing the handle.
In a state of battery shortage, this door lock informs the user of the exchange timing of the battery in advance by emitting a musical sound; and in the case of a weak, discharged battery, it can open and close the door temporally by using the built-in 9V battery. If this product is not operated normally due to the potential problems caused by the discharged battery or the electronic aspect, an emergency key that can open the door is also available. Also, this product supports the check function about the access records through the mobile application interlocking as an option.
This product’s development was completed in September last year and was first targeted at overseas markets including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Singapore. This year this company has plans to sell 300,000 units of USB lock kits in the local market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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