Worlds’ first Bone Conduction Earphone[INQ. NO. 1907E05] MOBIFREN Co., Ltd., a professional supplier of Bluetooth solutions, recently completed the development of its latest Bluetooth earphone Flex Wave (MFB-BC8100), and it plans to exhibit at the forthcoming KITAS 2019, expecting to draw keen attention from participants seeking these kinds of attractive products.
Flex Wave employs a MMCX connector, which is used in high-cost cable-removable earphones so that users can use a bone conduction earphone unit and in-ear earphone in turn for the first time in the world. Also, it is designed as a clip-type ear hanger – unlike common type bone conduction earphones, thereby enabling the users to wear it together with glasses, sunglasses, etc.
Thanks to such features, while allowing the user to keep their fashion style, it does not block the auditory canal and enables the wearer to recognize the surrounding sounds accurately. In particular, it is a very useful thing even for those who enjoy extreme sports that necessarily require further products such as goggles, helmets, etc.
The in-ear unit is less of a burden to the ears than other similar products and supports a function of strongly blocking noise in surrounding areas as it is designed ergonomically. It provides the user with a pleasant wearing feeling in long hours of wearing by applying three-dimensional pattern silicon band in the band part where users’ skin touches it as well.
Flex Wave supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 in order to provide stable wireless connection. And it supports CD level of high-quality codec APTX and AAC. Moreover, it supplies the company’s own boastful MSTS, six music modes, and two sound effects, thereby allowing the wearer to listen to music while adjusting the sound-quality according to their preference.
Other noticeable functions of the product include calling of sound secretary, searching of smartphones recommendable in a situation where the user does not know where the connected smartphone is, etc. By applying a large capacity battery, its consecutive calling and music reply time reaches eleven hours – with 24 days of waiting time. Flex Wave will be showcased for the first time in Korea at the venue of KITAS 2019. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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