Wearable Bluetooth Mouse

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1907E16] Goalmu Tree is about to raise its profile in the hot smart devices market with its recently branded wearable Bluetooth mouse, Goalmu Mouse. Weighing only 16g, it can be connected to PCs, notebooks, tablet PCs, and Android-based smartphones, thus enabling it to be used in narrow spaces − in which it was difficult for the user to operate smart devices including use of a mouse − anytime, just by putting it on the user’s finger.
Anyone can use it for nearly five hours by recharging it for an hour or so. Only requiring 1~2 centimeters of the user’s finger, it contributes to solving the so-called digital gap: it is strongly recommended for those who are suffering from poor mobility of arms or for those who are using a common mouse to access smart devices more easily and conveniently.
And it is also a highly effective mouse for the disabled and common people as it offers convenient access to digital devices and smart devices including PCs, notebooks, and smartphones. Currently it is becoming popular, especially among businesspersons, meaning that its practical competitiveness among hi-tech fans succeeds in appealing to those in need of this kind of innovative, smart mouse.

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