SMD Power Inductors[INQ. NO. 1908E02] HS Corporation Co., Ltd., the leading inductor company that pioneered and led the Korean electronic parts market, has strived to advance into the global market by combining new technologies and creativity for the past 10 years. HS is working hard on developing new products including S/W transformers, SMD power inductor, bar choke coil, line filter, and peaking coil based on the best technical skills.
SMD power inductors play an important role in voltage conversion applications by yielding lower core losses. They are also used to store energy, filter EMI noise, and provide lower signal loss in system designs. The increased utilization of battery-powered miniaturized portable electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, DVDs, TVs, air conditioners, kitchen & bathroom devices, AI speakers, washing machines, and handheld game devices, has led to the added use of these popular, small-sized SMD power inductors into system designs.
HS is expanding its business range to include automobile parts by acquiring the AEC_Q200 certification, and establishing professional sales manpower for entry into overseas markets beyond the domestic industry. HS contributes to domestic and foreign electronic industries through competitive price and reliable quality control, while striving to reform itself as a global company through overseas market development. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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