Smartphone Car Mount[INQ. NO. 1909E05] MDIFF is producing its latest smartphone car mount under the brandname, “AIRDOCK. It has made a deep impression from users’ perspectives. There are so many car mounts available in the market, but this car mount performs excellently in its own role. In contrast, many mounts do not support sturdy smartphone installation, which can lead to serious car accidents when the mount drops the phone.
The company carefully considered, discussed, and put a lot of efforts into building the most stable, sturdy car mount that is safe under any circumstances. And finally, AIRDOCK was developed.
Moreover, performing the basic role of the car mount, AIRDOCK is upgraded with intelligent charging algorithms for more efficient wireless charging and 360-degree adjustments.
Its considerate design for drivers’ visibility and smartphones’ safety makes AIRDOCK even more unique. It is easy to attach and detach thanks to AIRDOCK’s ‘nano suction foam technology.’ It is compact and light, and features a modern design. It is a guaranteed high-quality product designed and developed in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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