World’s First Useable Flexible Thermoelectric Device[INQ. NO. 1909E08] TTEGWAY specializes in making flexible thermoelectric devices (FTED) and its applications. A thermoelectric device (TD) is a device used for cooling, heating or electric generation.
However, the conventional TD is limited due to its hard nature. Thus, there has been a high demand for flexible devices. This lead TEGWAY to develop the first useable, FTED that not only performs the same as the conventional TD, but it is flexible, thin, light, and responds instantly.
Through the FTED, TEGWAY has made ThermoReal®, a temperature feedback haptic device that allows users to sense hot and cold temperatures along with their game, VR/AR, and 4D movie content. The flexible, thin, and light device allows fast synchronized thermal expressions with no delay time, executes dynamic temperature control functions, and contacts safely with the human body.

TEGWAY’s second most recent product is EarFridge®, an active cooling headset module that allows users to experience gaming for long durations without the discomfort of sweat. This module is a plate that is inserted between the cushion and the acoustic chamber. There is no need to change or redesign. With just a simple insertion, the headset’s ambient temperature can fall from 3~7 degrees, all without interfering the headset’s performance! | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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