Electric Heaters

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909E27] InterHeat Inc., established in 1995, specializes in producing electric Heaters for poultry farming, pig breeding and the greenhouse industry. The company exports infrared lamp, lamp protector and carbon fiber heater with it’s own brand ‘InterHeat’. After launching the carbon fiber heater with greatly improved thermal efficiency and lifetime, interheat’s products are now being exported to 65 countries while extending the circle of business to the Middle East and Africa as well as the USA, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Infrared Lamps (R125, 3G New PAR)
The reason why the conventional infrared lamp has a short lifespan of less than one month when continuously illuminated is because it cannot endure the heat generated by the lamp itself. In contrast, InterHeat’s infrared lamp is manufactured based on structural technology resistant to heat. The life of InterHeat Infrared Lamp is the same as that of filament.
The average life of R125 is 6 months and PAR is 4 months in the continuous lighting unless there is a glass bulb damage due to external impact.
Generally, the adhesive is used in many cases for fixing the base of the lamp to the glass, but it causes a problem of base dropout because the adhesive loses its function as the lamp generates heat. However, InterHeat has solved the problem of base dropout fundamentally with its own technology of processing the glass in a screw style.

Lamp Protector
Many problems of conventional lamp protectors were caused by the fact that high heat generated by the infrared lamp could not discharged to the outside. However, by applying a heat radiator on the lamp protector, InterHeat lowered the temperature at the back of the socket by pulling out the heat forcibly from inside of the lamp protector, thereby perfectly solving the problem caused by heat. In addition, thanks to the heat radiator, the lamp protector’s water-proof function was completed by removing the holes on the shade and space between the shade and the socket. Thus, you have come to be able to clean the hog farm with water in relief.

Carbon Fiber Heater for Poultry & Swine
This product has been patented in Korea and China and acquired certification in Germany (GS), Europe (CE) and the USA (CSA/US), respectively. There is no oxygen shortage problem due to the use of electricity, which can increase the heating effect by blocking the outside air. As it doesn’t emit harmful gas such as carbon monoxide, there’s no respiratory disease or mass deaths of chicken and due to this, the poultry productivity will be improved.
As this product is heated immediately after the switch is turned on, preheating time is not required and there is no wastage of energy. It boasts a long lifespan, and is convenient and easy to use. It takes only 5 seconds to replace the carbon fiber lamp.
You can install this product at any place you want. With the use of thermostat controller below (orange box), you can control the temperature inside of chicken farm easily and with a safety function of the product – automatically turned off in case, it falls down to the floor – you can prevent the fire.

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