Broadband Amplifier[INQ. NO. 1909E36] Broadband amplifier is a representative item of SUNGSAN E&C, which has achieved reliable performance in output power, gain, and flatness over required broadband ranges from standard products to bespoke ones.
Broadband Amplifier is an ideal solution for FM/AM/CW boosting, RF passive test system, mobile jamming, UAV, Interception, etc.


Passive Intermodulation Distortion (PIMD) Analyzer
PIM is a crucial parameter to diagnose the performance degradation of wireless communication systems, considering data transmission capacity and speed.
The PIMD analyzer of SUNGSAN E&C enables network technicians and maintenance engineers to precisely measure PIM performance by injecting two test-frequency signals into the PIMD analyzer. It is to test the passive components: antennas, filters, couplers & dividers, connectors, and cables.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
The ES series, to which SUNGSAN’s accumulated broadband technology has been applied, is able to be remotely controlled by GPIB or LAN communication.
The ES series, which provides output power up to 1 kW with high performance, is suitable for EMC lab tests.
Since its establishment in 2001, utilizing systematic and creative technologies through accumulated knowledge, SUNGSAN E&C has been producing not only a variety of amplifiers, but also passive components, such as filters, couplers, dividers and combiners, in order to fulfill customers’ requirements.

Today, SUNGSAN E&C has become a global promising company in the solid-state high-power amplifier for EMCs, accelerators, wireless communication, aerospace, defense, radar, DAS, repeaters, UAVs, and jamming and interception fields. For your reliable systems, SUNGSAN E&C always tries to provide the best RF total solutions.
Sungsan E&C is to proudly present at EuMW (EUROPEAN MICROWAVE WEEK) 2019 in Paris, France, from October 1st~3rd, 2019, establishing its exhibition booth (# A1095). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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