Wireless IOT Video Doorbell

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909E57] TOVBELL is an IoT doorbell that can be easily and simply installed and can be operated with a smartphone using the dedicated application.
When the bell is pressed, the interlocked chime rings and a notification is sent to the smartphone regardless of the user’s location or distance through the Wi-Fi linkage.
It can thus be immediately connected with the camera video of the doorbell. It is also possible to see the face of the person outside the door and make a two-way call through the camera of the doorbell.
In addition, when someone approaches the door installed with the TOVBELL, you can hear notification sounds through a chime after detecting the motion, and see who is around the door, and check the surroundings clearly with an infrared camera even when it is dark.

Solar Wireless CCTV
This is a product that has dramatically reduced the installation cost and improved the service environment due to development of the technology of checking the video through the dedicated app on a smartphone by Wi-Fi connection along with a wireless solar charging method.
On the smartphone app, you can view the HD video 2 million pixels, check alarm for motion detection, and even make a two-way video call.
In addition, this product is equipped with an infrared camera that enables you to see the site even in the dark night, and also has the IP66-level waterproofing function.
The technical difference of this product is the wireless solution that can charge the battery mounted on the product by solar power, and it can be installed and operated easily and conveniently by anyone.


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