Solution Provider for Power & Green Energy[INQ. NO. 1910E09] APEC is a company specialized in renewable energy infrastructure such as hwwydropower, solar energy, biomass, Energy-Storage System (ESS) and power quality. APEC’s working scope is from design to commissioning, and electric/mechanical works and maintenance.
APEC’s ultimate goal is to maximize customer satisfaction with its best products and services.
In particular, the hydropower generation sector has been achieving unrivaled performance in Korea based on its long experience and technological prowess, including the successful completion of the Four-River Project hydropower plant, Dangjin’s second small hydropower plant, and Bukpyeong’s marine hydropower plant.
Not satisfied with these accomplishments, APEC is conducting a number of joint R&D projects, including domestic and foreign empirical studies, on the fusion of various renewable energy sources such as hydropower and ESS (energy storage systems), etc.
APEC is trying to realize “Green Energy” through the development of micro pump type water turbine, development of ESS and PMS (Power-Management System) linked to solar-power generation, and wind-power generation. APEC is advancing into overseas markets, including Southeast Asia, through constant research and development and innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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