Elevator Air Conditioner

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910E11] For buildings and structures, temperature and humidity are controlled calculating individual rooms and corridors basically in air conditioning load, but elevators are not included in this load calculation. Therefore, many people feel uncomfortable when riding in an elevator due to increased temperature and humidity in the summer season.
In order to solve this problem, Avena Century Co., Ltd. developed an elevator air conditioner to control temperature and humidity effectively inside the elevator. This air conditioner is a self-controlling product utilizing big data including the number of users and operating time.
This elevator air conditioner is designed to maintain sensible heat and latent heat consistently in order to maintain indoor comfort index influenced by thermal expansion or inner condensation in elevator, and the system is a cutting edge product that controls temperature, humidity, air purification, and air diffusion simultaneously, as well as basic air cooling.



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